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Only Just a Moment

In this world of material accumulation it is easy to feel weighed down by the collection of things and stuff. Many things are beautiful simply in the moment, such as the music of Just A Moment. When a day is over, that day’s music is over too. Delight in the ephemeral nature of these music offerings!

For a longer moment

If you desire a longer music experience, there is a repeat button on the music player. It will repeat playing the selection until turned off. It looks like:

Here are just a few examples of how one can draw on the unique offerings of Just A Moment.

Morning Salutation

Welcome each new day with a short, personally meaningful celebration ritual with music and movement.

Listen • Enjoy • Reflect • Reset

You may love simply to listen to the peaceful music of Just A Moment during your busy day, to enjoy, to reset your mindset.

Prayer and Meditation

Perhaps you’ve been trying to embrace daily spiritual practices such as prayer or meditation, but you find your intentions of setting aside a time for prayer continually seem to get squeezed out by “louder,” more demanding life issues or you find it hard to stay settled in a meditative mode for very long.

Starting small can be a simple, comfortable, delightful and wonderfully effective way to transform these desires into daily practices and meaningful personal rituals.

It only takes Just A Moment

What People Are Saying

“Just A Moment is a great resource that I use to keep myself grounded throughout the day. The beautiful harp music instantly helps me focus my attention inward, allowing me to reset my day by calming my body and mind.” - S. Eick, Certified/Registered Yoga Teacher

“Just A Moment is the perfect method for regrouping during my busy day. It helps me regain focus and points me in the right direction.” - C. Phoenix, Resort Director

“I so appreciate these daily morsels of sanity! It’s amazing to me how each perfect moment allows me to draw a deep breath and remember who-I-am.” - K. Montanaro, Movement Specialist

“I love beginning my day with Just A Moment. The beautiful, evocative music allows my mind and heart to open to possibility in this wondrous and challenging world. Thank you, thank you!” - S. Allen, Spiritual Director, Retreat Leader

“Each studio day begins with Just a Moment. Not only does it wrap me in a cocoon of exquisitely beautiful music, it effortlessly transports me to inner worlds rich in boundless possibilities. It centers me, sweeps the cobwebs from my early-morning brain, and fills me with inspiration that inevitably accompanies me throughout the creative day ahead.

I can’t imagine starting a day without it." - S. Smith, Visual Artist

“A daily dose of harp is something we didn’t know we needed until Martha served it up in this beautiful intentional way.” - T. Hill, musician, teacher

“Martha's harp improvisations are so calming and soothing, I find that it allows me to get to a deeper state of contemplation, meditation, or prayer.” - L. Gibson, Music Industry Professional