Welcome to peacefulness.

Just A Moment Music holds space for daily moments of mindful quietude, supporting you and your meditation experience within a gentle framework of contemplative harp music.

Simply one minute. Even if your days feel full to overflowing, you can easily embrace a minute of calm repose; reset.

Is meditation a frustrating challenge? Embodying it one minute at a time is a simple, fulfilling way to ease into meditation, to receiving the gifts of your centered self.

When our days are busy, we often worry about how long is some particular activity going to take. Knowing this moment is only one minute in length, you can relax, let go of anxiety and simply be in the moment; serene, centered. Yes, one can indeed find peacefulness in just a moment.

For an extended meditation experience, use the repeat option to listen longer.

Begin your transformation into your new way of peacefulness by entering your name and email address in the spaces below. Then listen, receive, enjoy.

Just A Moment. Of Peace. Of Clarity. For You.

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