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Hi, I'm Martha Gallagher, musician and creator of Just A Moment Music.

With 40+ years as a professional harpist, singer, songwriter, performing/recording artist and retreat leader, I decided in recent years to step back from the music I was creating and the instrument I was playing, to get a better perspective on where I was and what I was doing.

During that time I transitioned to playing a small, very portable harp - much like the one I had learned to play on so many years ago - which allowed me to play in a myriad of inspiring outdoor locations - such as standing knee deep in the surf in the ocean as dolphins cavorted nearby, walking through the forest in a shower of brilliantly colored autumn leaves and dancing to the music I was playing on mountaintops as the sun set in the West and the full moon rose in the East.

This transformation revealed to me a new freedom in musical expression that allowed me to be more deeply in a meditative state when playing, where music flowed of seemingly it’s own accord out my fingers and through the harp, reconfirming my long-held belief that I am a conduit for the living spirit moving through music.

I was at that time hearing more and more from friends and other folks about how much they powerfully desired to create a time for themselves for meditation, prayer or simply quiet reflection - but couldn’t because their lives were so hectic and busy. I knew how peaceful and deeply meditative and prayerful I felt when playing the music that flowed through me. I wondered - could I record this music and share it? Would it have the wonderfully calming effect on them that it had on me?

I started recording one-minute long improvisations, with a vague idea of how I might share these with the wider world. One day the recording engineer, who I have worked with for over 20 years, on 8 major recording projects, said, “Martha, these works are beautiful. What if you used them for a daily online offering?”

At first I laughed, imagining the hundreds of improvisations I’d have to create - not to mention all that would have to happen for them to become an online offering! But as we talked more and more about it, I realized it was a totally brilliant idea and completely doable.

The next day I sat down in the studio and started playing. I’d set the timer on my phone so I could keep the improvisations close to one minute long. Then I would have to say that I went into one of the most beautiful states of being I have ever experienced. Day after day, moment after moment, music flowed forth. Meditative, prayerful, beautiful, peaceful moments.

Thus was Just A Moment born.

Peace be with you,


More about Martha and her other music explorations: adkharper.com