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Welcome to Just A Moment Music

A daily, online offering of contemplative instrumental music, just one minute in length - perfect for a moment of prayer, meditation, reflection, a yoga moment - or simply for listening delight.

A graceful, effortless way to pause the day.
A timeless moment unfolding life’s limitless beauty.

Just A Moment Music

Listen to a Sample

Busy days, whether delightful or harried, are full of demands.

Demanding life issues often lead us to...
Push aside our desire for deeper meaning in our lives
Squelch our yearning for a sense of calmness
Procrastinate embracing daily spiritual practices, meditation, prayer
Deprive ourselves of simply enjoying a moment

We end up denying ourselves what we know we need - and want... Wellness and peace of mind.

What if... there were a simpler approach to embracing serenity?

Imagine... an easily accessible, peaceful “place” - that it fit effortlessly into our busy days?

This is exactly that... a daily music moment of tranquility - to meditate, pray, reflect, stretch, vision - or simply listen and reset.

It only takes Just A Moment.

“I so appreciate these daily morsels of sanity! It’s amazing to me how each perfect moment allows me to draw a deep breath and remember who-I-am.” - K. Montanaro, Movement Specialist