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More About Just A Moment Music

Just A Moment Music creates an ideal time for you to savor tranquil daily moments of reflection, prayer, meditation, yoga - or simple listening pleasure.

As a subscriber you receive:
365 days of access to contemplative, one-minute-long improvisational instrumental music selections
A repeat option for extended experience
Daily photo of serene Nature settings
A gentle daily email reminder that your Just A Moment selection is ready for you
Link in daily email takes you directly to your music listening page. You can also bookmark it or add icon on your iPhone
As a subscriber you can give gift subscriptions for $15 each; a 40% discount off the regular subscription price of $25.

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Using Just A Moment Music is Simple

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Summon stillness within
Invite deep, mindful listening
Relish the rich, organic tones of the harp rising up, resonating with body, mind and spirit
Enter into personal prayer, meditation, mindfulness practice, a yoga break, gentle listening.

Optimal Audio Experience
Earbuds, headphones or external speakers are recommended.

Selections change every 24 hours, so depending on where you are in the world you may have a different selection in the evening from the one you have in the morning.